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the fourth bullet

Donald Diabo

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I wish to pose questions concerning the rifle that was found on the sixth floor.

Thus, my question; Why would a sniper, manipulate the bolt action to load the fourth bullet, if the goal was met by the "third" bullet?

Did the sniper believe he had sufficient time to make his escape?

Or, did the sniper expect to be caught? (time is of the essence)is it not?

Where is the fourth bullet, that was ejected from the rifle shortly after it was found?

I have not seen nor read any evidence as to its whereabouts.

true, perhaps i have not stumbled upon it, yet!

So help me out.


I'm talking about the round that was chambered and that chief curry(i believe it was) ejected it while in the 6th floor shortly after

the rifle was found.

i posted this within an on going argument on this forum. it got lost.

is this a point of concern? or not.

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I read about this 4th bullet as well. I don't recall the details, but I don't think Chief Curry was there or handling the Carcano. It could have been Lt. Day or someone else on the 6th floor at the time the rifle was found.

I too would like to know all the particulars about this issue. I think reading the testimony of Seymour Weitzman (Sp?), Roger Craig, Lt. Day, Det. Luke Mooney etc. will be helpful. If I recall accurately, these were the fellows who were on location at the time the rifle was found, their testimony may reveal something further.

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