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How many guns in TSBD?

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Hi all,

Im a new member, and this is my first post. I hope this is worth discussing. I have always wondered how many guns were "actually" found in the TSBD. I was always drawn to Ernie Mentesana, and what he filmed at the TSBD. I assume he was filming that day, and not taking individual pictures. I remember seeing a "frame", or an individual picture supposedly taken by him showing police officers checking a separate weapon on either the fire escape, or on the ground. The rifle pictured was deffinately not the M/Carcano, as there was no sling or scope, and was supposedly found on the roof of the TSBD.

I have read alot of the posts and have found many references to other shooters, and other possible locations of shooters. [west end shooter -GPH German speaking man] [Dal-Tex roof top shooter etc......]

From what i understand is that Mr. Mentesana died in 1969 from a heart attack. Can anyone here fill us in on what has happened to that film/pictures of what Mr. Mentesana took that day? I havent heard much on this subject, and it seems like it should have been a major part of the assassination.

There has been discussion of a Records Building roof top shooter [Harry Weatherford??] and the Dal-Tex shooter [braden????]. A rooftop shooter would make alot of sense, and explain the pigeons flying off the roof, as supposed seen by many. There have been talk of a rifle shell being found on the Records Building roof years ago under the edge of the roof paper at the roof ledge, but i havent heard much on the TSBD roof/and or shooter. A TSBD roof shooter could explain some of the shots.

I have always felt that the supposed "mix up" of the assassation weapon identification, was a total fraud. How could Roger Craig, Seymour Weitzman [supposedly a former gun shop owner] and Eugene Boone all be wrong?? Especially Weitzman! I truly believe there were way more than one rifle found that day.

I hope we can get some input on this subject, and maybe get my questions answered.

Thanks all! Mike Smith--[smitty]

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Hi, Smitty...glad to learn of your interest in the case. You are

starting right. Penn Jones' advice to researchers was FIND


OUT OF IT. So taking a subject like you mention and finding

out all you can is a good approach.

I cannot tell you much about Mentesana and his movie

except that he was part of a group of people who shot films

that day who banded together into Dallas Cinema Associates

(DCA) and combined their films into a single marketable

movie, commonly called the DCA film. It is available

along with all other movies of the assassination on VHS or


Studying the movies of the assassination is a good beginning

for beginning to learn what happened.


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duplicate deleted

Thanks for your response Jack. That means alot coming from you. I will try and find that film, as it sounds as though it would be very interesting. I would love to see a compilation of all of the films. I assume that "all" of them arent included, but a full length run of each persons film would be great. It would be great to look at what Mr. Mentesana filmed that day, and to find out what has happened to it.

Thanks again, Smitty

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