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Who was riding where ?

Robin Unger

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I often get confused as to who was riding where in the motorcade and there seating positions.

For a long time i wondered who the two guys were, who can be seen in Altgens 7 photo staring back at jackie and hill from the lead car.

Thanks to this list from Wikipedia i can finally put a name to the faces.

Who was where. !

For my own Clarification.

Motorcade vehicles and personnel

The lead car, an unmarked white Ford:

Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry (driver)

Secret Service Agent Winston Lawson (right front)

Sheriff Bill Decker (left rear)

Agent Forrest Sorrels (right rear)

SS 100 X, a 1961 Lincoln Continental:

Agent Bill Greer (driver)

Agent Roy Kellerman (right front),

Nellie Connally (left middle)

Texas Governor John Connally (right middle)

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (left rear)

President John F. Kennedy (right rear)

Halfback, a convertible:

Agent Sam Kinney (driver), Agent Emory Roberts (right front)

Agent Clint Hill (left front running board)

Agent Bill McIntyre (left rear running board)

Agent John Ready (right front running board)

Agent Paul Landis (right rear running board)

Presidential aide Kenneth O'Donnell (left middle)

Presidential aide David Powers (right middle)

Agent George Hickey (left rear)

Agent Glen Bennett (right rear)

1964 Lincoln four-door convertible:

State highway patrol officer Hurchel Jacks (driver)

Agent Rufus Youngblood (right front)

Senator Ralph Yarborough (left rear)

Mrs. Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson (center rear)

Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson (right rear)

Varsity, a hardtop:

A Texas state policeman (driver)

Vice Presidential aide Cliff Carter (front middle)

Agent Jerry Kivett (right front),

Agent Woody Taylor (left rear)

Agent Lem Johns (right rear)

Press pool car, (on loan from the telephone company):

Telephone company employee (driver)

Malcolm Kilduff, White House assistant press secretary (middle front)

Kilduff was acting as press secretary because Pierre Salinger was traveling to Japan with several cabinet officers, including Secretary of State Dean Rusk

Merriman Smith, UPI (right front)

Jack Bell, AP

Robert Baskin, The Dallas Morning News

Bob Clark, ABC (rear)

Press Car:

Bob Jackson, The Dallas Times Herald

Tom Dillard, The Dallas Morning News

Mal Couch, WFAA-TV/ABC

VP follow up car.

Edited by Robin Unger
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