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ARRB's TUNHEIM, 11-20-06 radio interview, 53 minutes

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Thanks for posting the link to Judge Tunheim's appearance on Minnesota Public Radio. I just finished listening to it. The only thing I learned was that Tunheim's name is pronounced "Tune-hime."

The interviewer Carrie Miller was basically uninformed. She began her open statement referring to

"relentless speculation and wild conspiracy theories. Questions about magic bullets and shadowy co-conspirators persist in spite of exhaustive investigations and a huge archive of documents about the assassination open to the public. That probably both frustrates and bemuses people like Judge John Tunheim, who knows more about the assassination than just about anyone else in the world."

Judge Tunheim proceeded to demonstrate that Miller's characterization of him was not true. Tunheim kept making statements like "We reviewed all the information." And he claimed the Warren Commission investigation was "very thorough" despite the fact that it contained "gaps." He did not address the voluminous amount of records that still remain classified. In fact, he claimed that out of five million pages, only about five thousand redactions remain, none of which have anything to do with the assassination.

"Unfortunately it took 30 years to open most of those records," he said. After characterizing the Warren Commission as very thorough he later allowed that the investigations were done "fairly poorly." He made it clear that he believes the primary evidence shows Lee Harvey Oswald did it.

Judge Tunheim was most unimpressive. Not because of his conclusions about Oswald, but because it was clear he was not all that familiar (or simply unwilling to be forthright) with events surrounding the murder of President Kennedy.

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