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On 12/22/2020 at 3:21 PM, Paul Brancato said:

It is exhausting, and I think it might be the second time I’ve gone through this entire thread, with it’s endless quotes of long posts. But I did so because I needed reminding of some connections. Mr. Scully sure did some deep research into family connections by looking at Wedding Registries. 
too many Barons eh? Always struck by Baron Werner Von Alvensleben having the long scar on his left cheek and being very tall. Both descriptors apply to Otto Skorzeny as well. And I’ve wondered what the real connections were for Baron DeMohrenschilt. It strikes me as likely that he was an Abwehr agent during WW2. The FBI wondered if he was. So Harold Byrd was in Safariland with Alvensleben, who ran the safaris, and then that Baron and his wife visited Dallas a short time after the assassination. Officially that Baron wasn’t a poopoo, was in fact wanted by the Nazis. I’m not sure I believe his official bio. I’m more inclined to think that both Barons were part of the Skorzeny post war network. 
gee - who thought of substituting poopoo for poopoo? 
so Nazis is fine but not the singular form? 

Revolt of the Barons?

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