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The TV show "Numbers" -- SPOILER ALERT

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Does anyone else watch that show, "Numbers" on some network on TV? (The downside of Tivo, I have no idea what networks own what shows.)

So a recent episode actually had a plot that included programmed assassins, victims of MKUltra.


Not only did they show the past victims of it, they showed it as an ongoing program; the CIA guy on the show was the bad guy. In fact, when the main good guy realized that the CIA guy was trying to protect the MKUltra program for future use, the good guy (FBI agent) punched the hell outta him. Laid him out flat. Another FBI agent then told the CIA scum to stay down unless he wanted to get punched again.

I highly recommend catching the rerun for the theraputic vicarious thrill of seeing a CIA goon get thumped on.

Some good philosophizing in it too. Wow I'm surprised a mainstream show would use that program in a plot.

Has anyone seen other TV programs utilizing such sensitive CIA programs this way?

On edit: A summary of the plot is here:


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