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The County Courts Head Shot Matrix

Ashton Gray

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In an effort to examine the possibilities for the fatal head shot to John F. Kennedy having come from the County Courts building, a virtual camera was moved to each window in the building and pointed at a 3D mannequin that had been placed in an approximation of the position of Kennedy at the time of the head shot.

The limitations of the placement of the mannequin in terms of the exact tilt of Kennedy's head at the time have been covered elsewhere in this forum, but for the purposes of this experiment it was felt that the current approximation was entirely adequte, at least to determine reasonable avenues for further pursuit, refinement, and inquiry.

The results of the experiment produced 40 separate images. It was too much to attempt to put into the forum itself, so the individual images have been keyed by window number to a main front image of the County Courts building:


That keyed image and all 40 individual images, one from each of those numbered windows, have been placed on a web site:

County Courts Building Kennedy Head Shot Matrix.

In creating the images, no great pains were taken to get each image at the exact same zoom factor as all the rest. They all use the same field of view, but the zoom levels do vary somewhat. The point was to establish the angle of a possible shot from each window.

Many of the individual images you'll see on the web site appear to be very similar. This is a factor of the zoom and angles, but each angle is slightly different, those angles becoming more pronounced as the camera descended down the floors of the building.

In sum, it demonstrates clearly that the head shot could have come from almost any one of those windows, yet no investigation at all, in all the decades since the murder, has ever been conducted concerning that building or its occupants at the time of the shooting.

Ashton Gray

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