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Stock market spam emails

Donald Diabo

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it is not something particular to this forum. it is a nuisance and i have encountered it at work. it sure is a load of spam. at times i get 4 to 8 a day of that stockmarket spam crapola. i keep placing it on the blocked e-mail list but it just keeps coming. however,it should be noted that i use a shared computer at work.

i dont get that sort of junk at home.

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Is anyone else on this forum getting spam emails about the American stock market?

I get about ten a day, all from very different sources and some from different countries. I keep trying to block them, but they keep on coming. I can only block one hundred.

They're completely nonsensical and, I believe, designed to disorientate.

I wonder if it's something to do with my membership of this forum?

No. I am sure this is not related to the forum.

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