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Biography: Kathleen Collins

Kathleen Collins

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I have a B.A. in English and a close minor in Sociology. I have had 17 years of formal Catholic education. I have written a novel and am in search of a Literary Agent. I will not self-publish as some of my friends have -- i Universe or Publish America. That's not for me. It comes across like a vanity press. I have started a second one. I am also interested in clothing making and design for women. I have a blog where I sometimes post my personal problems. But I have a very unusual discovery. I believe I have found pictures, etc of Donald O. Norton and Ralph Geb. This material is in my archives. Recently I learned that Donald O. moved. He lived a 2-hour drive from me. He was trying to fit into the community of Avon Park, FL, by renting out charter boats and running a fishing supply store. Now he has slipped our midsts once again.

I also have an interest in Karyn Kupcinet, who was murdered Thanksgiving 1963. She was not found for 3 days. I have the autopsy. Mostly I've been posting on the yahoo group about Karyn Kupcinet, as someone is writing a book about her. My pet theory: she was killed from a karate chop to the neck. Or her left carotid artery was shut off with a certain headlock. By whom? Possibly on the orders of mobster Paul "Red" Dorfman Why? To get at her Chicago columnist father, Irv Kupcinet. After Ruby shot Oswald, Irv called around and finally located Paul Dorfman in Palm Springs. Coincidentally(?) Karyn was in Palm Springs at the same time. Irv wanted to know about Jack Ruby. Some people, myself included, have linked her death to the Kennedy Assassination. But there are other theories regarding her suspicious demise.

The group: groups.yahoo.com/group/Karyn_Kupcinet

My blog: thecloakofdarkness.blogspot.com

I am also interested in the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. My favorite music.

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