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The Oak Cliff "Safe Houses"

Ashton Gray

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3 hours ago, Mark Knight said:

Anyone have access to a 1963 city directory for Dallas? Might find Rodriguez's address there, especially if the phone numbers are the same. That would take care of the Huspeth/Elsbeth question.



Rodriguez didn't move to Dallas until after June, 1963.


Report of Wallace Heitman dated May 26, 1964 regarding Manuelel Rodriguez Orcarberro.


This is CD 1085 page 219.


His report says that Manuel Rodriguez was voluntarily interviewed on February 10th and May 20th, 1964.

On page 2 of Heitman's report (page 220 of CD 1085), it says that “Rodriguez registered as an alien of Dallas, Texas on September 6, 1963, at which time his address was reflected as 1208 Hudspeth Street. His last prior address was listed as listed as 5310 Columbia Street, Dallas.” The report says, “A photograph of Rodriguez appears in this file.”


In a May 26, 1964 report filed by Wallace Heitman it showed the address of Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro to be 2311 Nicholson St. Appt. D in Dallas.

CD 1085 page 220.




The following are two different memorandums concerning Rodriguez's May 20 interview:


Wallace Heitman interviewed Manuel Rodriguez on May 20, 1964. Heitman wrote his report on May 25, 1964. a copy of his report is in CD 1085 page 222. http://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=11481&relPageId=222

Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro voluntarily appeared and was interviewed at the office of the FBI in Dallas, Texas.

He furnished his home address as 2311 Nicholson Street, Apartment D, home telephone WH 6-8429. He said he was employed at the Curtis Mathes Manufacturing Company, 2220 Young Street, Dallas, Texas.


Wallace Heitman interviewed Manuel Rodriguez Orcarberro on May 20, 1964 and wrote a report of his interview on May 25, 1964.



This document is entitled No Title and can be found in FBI - HSCA Subject Files/ FBI - HSCA Subject Files, A - B/ FBI - HSCA Subject File: Osvaldo Aurelio Pino Pino/


During this interview, Rodrigiez gave Heitman the names of the officers of the Dallas Chapter of SNFE Alpha 66. A member of the Board of Directors was Jesus Hernandez, employed by Curtis Mathes.

Another member of the Board of Directors was Pedro E. Prado, also employed by Curtis Mathes.

Another member of the Board of Directors was Celia Navarro, also employed at Curtis Mathes.


Steve Thomas



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On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2018 at 10:06 AM, David Josephs said:

The FBI interviewed every Cuban they could find in Sulfur, Oklahoma. They found
a man named Miguel L. DeSocarraz living in the Oklahoma Veterans Hospital, who
said that on Sunday, November 17, he'd been visited by a number of people in a
older, cream-colored station wagon. This group included Manolito Rodriguez, aka
Manuel Rodriguez Occarberro, his wife and young child, two other men, their
wives, and a girl of 13 or 14. DeSoccaraz studied the photograph of Oswald
printed in the Daily Oklahoman, and stated that Rodriguez "possibly did
resemble Oswald," but not identically. "Rodriguez cannot speak English. He
resides at 1208 Huspeth (Oak Cliff) Dallas, Texas

If I remember correctly, wasn't it reported that a cream/tan colored station wagon was seen quite often around 4907 Magazine as well as seen with Ruth driving...when it should have been blue?

Thanks Steve...




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