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Screencast on Crossword Forge

Chris Meermann

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Hey everyone!

I published a screencast and would like to share it with you!

In this episode I showcase Crossword Forge, an application designed to create crossword and word search puzzles for both, print and web. I'll show you how easy this application is to master and how you can create visually appealing documents in no time.

Known issues:

There are some minor flaws in this show. None of them is a showstopper, so I chose to publish the show anyway:

Minor language flaws: If you find them: Please ignore them. If not: Never mind.

A nasty typo in the outro - it should be conjunction instead of conjuntion.

The sound quality has been improved considerably compared to the previous show, it is not perfect yet. The volume changes slightly from time to time.

Please join the forum and tell me what you think of this show. Unfortunately, the forum has been intruded by spammers lately, so, I'll have to approve every new registration before it actually goes live. I hope you understand that minor hassle.

Download the show here:

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If you'd like to try Crossword Forge yourself, go to the Sol Robots website.


Weekly screencasts on technology for teaching and learning: http://www.teachers-corner.org

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Hi there!

If you saw my screencast and consider(d) buying Crossword Forge, you'll be pleased to hear that there will be a discount code for all Teacher's Corner viewers out there by the first week of January '07. Further details will be published on the feed.

Take care,


The Dean

Teacher's Corner is also avaiblable on iTunes!

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