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General Elections in Great Britain (1832 - 1979)

Chris Trueman

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General Elections in Great Britain (1832 - 1979)

This section of work covers all general elections in Great Britain between 1832 and 1979. The results of each election have been split into regions - England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with a final summary for Britain as a whole. Also the support for the major parties (nationally and regionally) in each election is provided - Conservatives, Liberals and Labour - as well as the support for Plaid Cymru in Wales and the Scottish National Party. The support for the Communist Party throughout Great Britain is also provided. The section also covers the major reform acts to the electoral system and will include issues that are specific to elections such as the 'Coupon Election' of 1918 and the National Governments of 1931 and 1935.

The work can be found on


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