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Muchmore film headshot sequence

John Dolva

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'John Dolva' wrote:

Ok, not super 8 , thank's for the correction David.

I came across some old manuals for editing kits. They describe splicing midframe where a scraper shaves off the emulsion and the other part overlapping into this step that's created.

dgh: yes, both outgoing and incoming sides of the edit point of the film splice area is scraped down to the base and yes cuts are made inter frame,edit points aren't....

here's a simplified, step by step process for cutting film.... btw, the term hot splice simply means the splicing block is "warmed", it's NOT hot.... the splices dry faster


Apparently experienced splicers can create a midframe splice like this that is not seen in projection mode.

Possibly the mid-portion on one or both frames here could be glued into a section in a scraped out 'trough' without cutting the film?

dgh: the above link covers your 1/2 and 1/2 frame question nicely [were the film joins between frames], the cutting block pilot holes [both sides of the edit] provide that.


Frank, have you looked at the last few posts in Nix film topic suggestion a M01 match with Z270-71?

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