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LBJ,Sen.Russell,Lemay as carswell air force base 1949

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This photograph and details were emailed to me some months ago by John Judge. I find it interesting to know that Johnson, Russell, Lemay and Harold Byrd, National vice chairman of the civil air patrol, were all friendly as early as 1949 at the inspection of Carswell air force base. Draw your own conclusions from this.

7th Bombardment Wing Operations,

Carswell AFB, 1949-1951




ANNUAL AIR INSPECTION From 7 to 18 November 1949, the annual Air Inspection of Carswell AFB was conducted by Eighth Air Force. In general, the inspection team was satisfied with the overall condition of the base over last year's inspection. The day the inspection closed, 18 November, Mr. W. Stuart Symington, Secretary of the Air Force, arrived at Carswell to inspect Eighth Air Force and fly in a B-36. He was greeted upon arrival by Lieutenant General Curtis E. LeMay, Commander-in-Chief, Strategic Air Command, and Major General Roger M. Ramey, Eighth Air Force commander. Mr. Symington stated that the B-36 was "still the best bomber we have", after his flight. Other honored guests in Mr. Symington's party included Senator Lyndon B. Johnson from Texas,org Senator Richard Russell of Georgia, Mr. Amon G. Carter <http://www.tsha.utexas.edu/handbook/online/articles/view/CC/fca69.html> , and Mr. D. Harold Byrd, National Vice Chairman of the Civil Air Patrol.

19 November, 1949

VIPs ready for flight in B-36. (L-R): General LeMay, Senator Russell (Georgia), General Roger M. Ramey, Major John Bartlett, Air Force Secretary Symington, Senator Lyndon Johnson (Texas), Representative Thornberry.


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