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LHO's DD1173

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Among the items taken from LHO was a military ID card DD1173, which is the same type of DOD military ID card found on Gary Powers when he was shot down over USSR.

Among the anomalies of this card, besides being partially destroyed by the FBI during testing for fingerprints, the card was issued in September 1959 by an officer, who was granted a special clearance to handle classified Secret records on the same day, odd because he himself left active service for the reserves shortly thereafter.

Another anomally is the photo on the ID was taken of Oswald in USSR, months after the card was supposidly issued.

While one of the best investigators hired by the ARRB Doug Horne (who has a book in the works), reviewed the matter and wrote a series of reports, many of the discrepencies remain unresolved.

While Jean Davison says she hasn't read her book Oswald's Game recently, she apparently reviewed many of the records released under the JFK Act and the ARRB reports, as her archives are cited as the source for the JFKPlace reports by Horne.

Jean Davison's Archive - 2 visits - Jan 2The Horne Files. provided by Jean Davison. Info on Horne Files, LaFontaine Allegations 01 Summary of LaFontaine Allegations 02 Answering Allegation of No ...

www.acorn.net/jfkplace/03/JD.html - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

The Horne Files

provided by Jean Davison

Info on Horne Files, LaFontaine Allegations01 Summary of LaFontaine Allegations02 Answering Allegation of No Original ID Card03 Allegation FBI Chemicals Ruined Card Images04 Did Oswald Alter Card & Was Card Authorized?05 Comments on History and Use of DD1173 Cards06 Was Oswald Only Marine in Unit to Get DD1173?07 List of Those Receiving DD1173 and Year Issued08 DD1173 Cards Issued for Many Reasons09 Issuing DD1173 To Reservists Maybe Within Regs. 10 Oswald's Passport Application11 Oswald Getting Passport after Hardship App.12 When Did Oswald Pick Up His Passport?13 The Date Oswald Left Active Duty14 Lt. Alexander Ayers Security Clearance15 Date Stamp on Oswald's DD1173 Card16 More on Date Stamp and End of Summary17 Conclusions and Recommendations

Click here - The Horne Files (Documents - Pictures)

While others may know of more research done on this subject (by Paul Hoch / RCD?), I think this is the extent of it, as of now.

Although I started this topic under the History Books - Jean Davison's Oswald's Game thread, I bring it here and hope that Jean will stick around to discuss her opinions on it and what it all means.

In addition, I think DD1173 is the type of ID that could get a military serviceman on a Military Air Transport - MAT flight on standby status, when a seat is available, which could explain the leg of LHO journey from England to Finland on his defection trip.

So while it might not answer assassination questions, it could expain that minor mystery.


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