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Unit 8.3

Derek McMillan

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Someone at work asked me to write something for unit 8.3 of the ICT course. I have posted it to hot potatoes for anyone who is interested


Naturally people may wish to criticise (it's a free country) but the best way to criticise is to make a better one and post the URL here.

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Replying to myself again!

Here are some quizzes for pupils doing ICT: They are self-marking and use the *free* hot potatoes software. The one mentioned above has had its name changed. Apparently when you update quizzes on the hotpotatoes site it changes the file name.

You can download them, stick them on a website, use them in Moodle. If you use them in Moodle of course it will collect all the marks for you in a nice little spreadsheet too.




And for anyone who is interested, I have posted the one I wrote for West Sussex Teachers' Association about the benefits of NUT membership.


Which also works.

People on the TES website were very complimentary about them.

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