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George Bush and the US Treasury

John Simkin

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Here is an interesting story from Sterling Seagrave (see the The JFK Assassination: Asian Connection:


ACCORDING TO OUR SOURCES IN THE US TREASURY, THE WHITE HOUSE HAS SECRETLY ORDERED THE FEDERAL RESERVE TO PRINT TWO TRILLION DOLLARS IMMEDIATELY, AND PUT INTO CIRCULATION! OUR SOURCES IN THE TREASURY ARE FLABBERGASTED! IT MEANS THE COLLAPSE OF THE US DOLLAR'S VALUE, AND PROBABLY PRESAGES THE DOWNFALL OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION. THIS INFORMATION HAS BEEN CORROBORATED BY THREE SEPARATE U.S. TREASURY SOURCES. Six months ago, the Federal Reserve quietly announced that as of March 20, 2006, they would no longer publish "M3" Data. The "M3" was the amount of cash the government printed to put into circulation, propping-up the U.S. economy. As of eight days ago, M3 data is no longer being reported, so there is no way for the public, investors or bond holders to know how much currency exists - and no way to gauge how much a "dollar" is truly worth. Three separate sources in the U.S. Treasury have told us that this week, the Federal Reserve ordered TWO TRILLION dollars to be printed secretly! The U.S. Treasury is allegedly running printing presses 24/7 to accommodate that order. Treasury employees were specifically ORDERED not to talk about this to anyone because it could cause economic collapse. This probably explains why the US Treasury Secretary resigned several months ago and was replaced by a Bush flunkey, and why Greenspan resigned from the Fed several weeks ago, not wanting to go down with the Titanic. We were also told that the whole Immigration Amnesty Debate (especially the well-funded well-attended protests) was deliberately scheduled to take place now, to divert attention from this massive printing/devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. The White House apparently hoped that by the time anyone found out about the flooding of the market with dollars, they could stage an event, such as an air attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, that would distract the public entirely. The leaking of this information by alarmed Treasury sources could effectively neutralize that strategy, although it may be too late to call a halt to the attack on Iran. Watch for Gold, Silver, Platinum and other precious metals to skyrocket in price within days as the world wakes up and begins dumping the U.S. Dollar in favor of precious metals and the Euro. Last month a leading financial consultant told a Canadian television interviewer that he expected gold to jump to $2,000 an ounce in the coming months -- but did not explain why, except to blame the Bush Administrations squandering of dollar reserves. As of this morning, Silver was already at a ten year high and Gold was alrready within a few dollars of a 25 year high. The U.S. Dollar is falling against all major world currencies. We have been predicting this over the past two or three years, as the inevitable consequence of the Bush administration's bizarre policies, although we were not certain exactly when it would occur. More details as they become available.

ADDENDUM: The first signal we had that something was afoot came about ten days ago when the UST and Fed, which had secretly been redeeming some of the provably legitimate FRNs and FRBs recovered in the Mindanao crash sites dating back to 1947, and

others recovered from China and elsewhere, abruptly stopped redeeming the notes and only concentrated on re-acquiring the boxes containing currency, as many and as fast as possible. (Mind you, they had denounced as counterfeit ALL the FRNs and FRBs until 14 months ago, and had put 16 people in prison and murdered quite a few others, who had anything to do with trying to redeem them; as of 14 months ago, which is when we published the two new closing chapters of GW in the Spanish edition and soon afterward in the Verso paperback, and gave copies to our Chinese publisher to translate for the second edition of the Beijing edition, the UST and Fed suddenly started acknowledging those Mother Boxes and their contents that were shown by X-ray to have

the internal voids that corroborated their validity. It was understood 14 months ago that the sudden acknowledgement of a great many of these Mother Boxes, etc., was to recover control of them so they would not fall into China's hands, because it was understood that Beijing was secretly acquiring them in order to demand redemption, or equivalent concessions from the USG, which would provoke a severe diplomatic incident. The majority of these boxes had been created at the UST's Bureau of Engraving and Printing since the Herbert Hoover administration with the purpose of using them to dupe foreign banks and wealthy individuals, many of them Chinese or Overseas Chinese, into exchanging their hoards of precious metals for FRNs and FRBs that the USG never had any intention of redeeming.) Then, as I say above, ten days ago they stopped redeeming the notes to concentrate

exclusively on the cash. This was unexplainable, and mystified the people designated to help acquire and help redeem the FRNs, FRBs and cash boxes. But one possible explanation was that a shortage of paper currency in the UST had become so acute that the Fed and UST were frantically doing everything they could to acquire currency.

It is taken as a given by some economists that in an economic crisis the solution is simply to print more money, as the money (no longer backed by gold or silver) is only Monopoly Money and is worth only what the private banks that own the Fed SAY it is worth -- which is like worshiping toilet paper.

Obviously, somebody has told Bush he's thrown away so much money that the UST has bottomed out, and a crisis looms of a major crash, so Bush and his loony advisers have simply ordered the printing of an enormous quantity of what amount

to "Presidential Dollars" (as they are designated by the people involved in the UST). Ergo, one possible explanation is that Beijing has asked the USG to redeem the Mother Boxes the PRC already has in hand. In which case Bush may stupidly believe that he can redeem them -- at a very deep discount -- with worthless printed currency rather than with gold. Bush believes whatever he wants to believe. Facts don't matter.

I have absolutely no doubt that an attack on Iran is planned and preparations for it are underway as we speak, in order to distract the notoriously gullible US public and much of the world's more gullible public, while the Bush circle attempts to work its way through crunch-time.

However, I have not the slightest doubt that the inevitable sinking of the Titanic has now been comprehended, or has commenced even if it is NOT comprehended. It will not be "women and children first" -- the rats are already abandoning ship

and many more will in the days and weeks ahead. As the super-rich probably have been tipped in advance as many were before 9/11, the price of gold will now zoom up along with the price of silver, platinum and so forth. That trend is already apparent.

OSS Note: A major European intelligence service is absolutely convinced that when George Bush was a drunken teenager in Beijing with his father the Ambassador, the Chinese were able to arrange extraordinarily compromising photographs, including homosexual photographs with his Chinese male tennis teacher (the boy may have been so drunk he had no idea was what happending). We do not know for ourselves, directly, but we can conclude three things based on what we do know:

1) US economy is tanking for four reasons: the double deficit, the importation of poverty in the form of illegal immigrants, and the export of middle class and solid blue collar jobs that used to provide economic continuity and stability.

2) The Chinese did not sign the treaty in San Francisco giving up their rights to reparations, and the US is now the primary custodian of all the gold and other loot stolen by both the Japanese from Asia and the Nazis from Europe. The publication of the book Gold Warriors across China, in two versions of Chinese, appears to have set off a firestorm, and moved the gold, and US financial weakness, to the forefront of Chinese strategy. The Chinese may or may not have some form of blackmail pressure over the incumbent President, but since we know their localized counterintelligence is pervasive, the probability is very high that they have substative photographic coverage of young Bush in Beijing, whether directly staged or incidental.

3) The war in Iraq, and other unwise decisions that caused Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil to quit the Administration in protest over the lack of a sound policy process, have drained the piggy bank. Bush may well be printing money, and he is probably also selling off "futures" like crazy. We couild have a major crisis prior to 2008 that demands a restructuring of the government along with a very rapid re-appreciation of what our national strategy needs to be.

All of the above is speculative, but we felt it needed to be put on the table. We would welcome corrective or elaborative comments from anyone. St.


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