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Clothing Examination--JFK's Shirt

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HSCA Photo.

Close up of the back wound.


Quite Correct Robin;

And, in event that one orders this (JFK Exhibit F-22) from the National Archives in order to further their actual research, they can even match up the blood stain outlines.

And, in event that is not enough, there isalways JFK Exhibit F-20 which is the Ida Dox photo.

Guess that some are just not aware of all of the relatively conclulsive evidence which establishes the back wound of JFK.

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Robin Unger has recently posted (The Throat Wound) a photo from the National Archives which demonstrates the bullet entry through the back of JFK's shirt.

It is my hope that he will again post this photo here, and then perhaps some semblance of rational discussion can occur in regards to this bullet hole.

I would further ask of Robin, (in order to save my digging through boxes), that if you have the original FBI closeup photo that you also post it as well for comparison.

Anyone interested in a few facts----stay tuned!



The easy way!

Nevertheless, neither of these photo's represent the shirt worn by JFK as ORIGINALLY RECEIVED by the FBI for examination.

These photo's represent the shirt as received by the National Archives, AFTER the FBI Laboratory had completed examination of the shirt.

And, as such, the bullet entrance hole into the back of the shirt of JFK, in this (these) photo's demonstrates the puncture hole after FBI Lab Technician Henry Heiberger had cut and removed a small area of fabric from the entrance hole in the back of the shirt.

The "straight cut" from where this fabric was removed can be observed at the top area of the hole.

It is also noted that prior to any destructive examination of the evidence, the FBI Lab also takes several photo's of the evidence (in this case, the hole) PRIOR to any testing and evaluation which may physically alter or change the condition of the evidence.

It took a while to find this one, but it is of some importance in the big scheme of things.

Commander HUMES - That is approximately correct, sir. This defect, I might say, continues on through the material.

Attached to this garment is the memorandum which states that one half of the area around the hole which was presented had been removed by experts, I believe, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and also that a control area was taken from under the collar, so it is my interpretation that this defect at the top of this garment is the control area taken by the Bureau, and that the reason the lower defect is not more circle or oval in outline is because a portion of that defect has been removed apparently for physical examinations.

*The "operative" word is "control area".

Now! Would everyone who questioned exactly why a "control" area would be taken from the coat, yet no "control area" was taken from the shirt, please raise their hand.

Answer: There was no "control area" taken from anything!

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