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Biography: Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson

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My name is Hannah Thompson. I am English and lived in France from the ages of 10 - 18, and am now living in Spain. I attended a French primary school for one year. I attended the International School of Toulouse for the whole of my secondary education and I did both IGCSEs and the IB there. I am now at Cambridge University in England where I am studying History. I am interested in history, art, and languages, and I hope to travel extensively after finishing university.

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Hannah, you never mentioned your time in scouts, I'm hurt :hotorwot

I was indeed in Scouts. Many happy memories of making things (bridges or indeed pasta....), putting washing up liquid on the OUTSIDE of pots and pans, and running around with water balloons - many not-so-happy memories of always being the last on a hike, or of not having a shower for 2-3 days on a camp. :unsure:


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