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While reading Flawed Patriot,the new biography of William Harvey,I noticed this passage:

Then,when it was announced that Lee Harvey Oswald had been arrested,I ran down to the registry card files.Sure enough,there were two cards on Oswald from Mexico City station.Both were from liaison and cited Oswald as having entered the Soviet embassy in September 1962(sic).This scared the hell out of me,and I scurried to get to those in charge of communicating to headquarters.

This was from the author's interview with Marion Murphy,the wife of a CIA officer who herself worked in the records section at JMWAVE.I was intrigued by the parallels in the response to LHO's arrest on 11/22 bewteen Mexico City,headquarters,and JMWAVE-a search in the records upon hearing the name followed by the retrieval of info connecting LHO to the Soviets.And how did the information get from Mexico City to WAVE?I don't believe Mexico City copied WAVE on the pre-assassination cable (MEXI 6453) that reported on LHO visit to the embassy.The official story was that there was no pre-assassination report of LHO visiting the Cuban embassy,something which would have made sense for Mexico City to have passed to WAVE.

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