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Biography: Anthony Thorne

Anthony Thorne

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I am a 35 year-old Media Studies graduate from Melbourne, Australia, and have been interested in conspiracy and parapolitical research for 4 or 5 years now. I've become a keen reader of books on these matters and have also continued to do a lot of internet research. I feel sympathetic to the tone of the board and felt frustrated reading the recent thread on Wikipedia deleting John Simkin's writings.

My main areas of interest are the JFK assassination and 9/11, but I am mindful of the idea that if I was allowed to join I would generally avoid digging too deeply into the latter as I suspect from reading a few threads it has already been discussed here to a large extent. (I have done 4 lengthy reviews on Amazon of 9/11 related books and plan to review Larry Hancock's JFK book when I finish it).

I have been a longtime member of a number of film-related message boards (such as Mobius Home Video Forum and Home Theater Forum) and am aware of issues of etiquette. I suspect that many of my initial posts would be asking questions and follow-up comments to the various excellent threads that I find here, plus making the occasional comment if I thought it was helpful.

I have been collecting a lot of books recently on the JFK assassination and would love to get involved here to a limited extent. Again, if all registrations are closed for the moment though, I understand. If this is the case, I would be happy to be given an idea as to whether this could change in the future.

A brief reading of one earlier thread seemed to indicate that biographical details were welcome (I suspect to avoid pesky anonymous posters). I was born in Tasmania, graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, taught video editing at Box Hill Tafe in Melbourne for a year, wrote numerous film reviews for the Australian film magazine FATAL VISIONS during the 90's, currently work in an inbound call centre for a local airline and do part-time DVD authoring for a local company with my girlfriend some evenings. This might be more info than you need but I thought I'd include it.

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