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D. MURPH with Respect to YARBOROUGH 1991 Statements

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Good Day.... Yesterday, I received the following reply from Professor,

DAVID MURPH, with respect to his 1991 interview** of United

States Senator and Dealey Plaza kill zone, close witness,




Good to hear from you. I did find my notes and made some interesting

discoveries. First, the interview was conducted September 25, 1991, at

his Austin home.

He said that, upon hearing the first shot, he looked to his right and saw

a man fall to the ground. He said the man was not near the wooden fence

but was farther east, closer to the Book Depository Building, that he was not

in a military uniform but was wearing civilian clothes. He said: “I’m sure of that.”

I can assure you that he was not anywhere close to being senile. Before

moving to the assassination, he talked about Texas and national politics,

current books, his current projects, as well as Senate memories of John

Kennedy. He also discussed how he wound up in the Johnsons’ car that

day. He was as sharp as could be.

I hope this is helpful.

David Murph


** In 1991 MURPH reminded YARBOROUGH that he had been quoted as saying

he had witnessed a man on the grassy knoll throw himself down on the ground, and that

the man had impressed him as a combat veteran. YARBOROUGH seemed puzzled to hear

that his words had been applied to someone standing on the grassy knoll.

“That couldn’t possibly be correct,” he insisted repeatedly.

“Remember where I was in the motorcade — with the Johnsons,” he cautioned MURPH,

“too far back to have been able to see anyone drop to the ground when firing began.”

Best Regards in Research,


Don Roberdeau

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