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Bosch defends his old buddy Posada

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The punishment of Posada Carriles


Legal maneuvers against Luis Posada Carriles once again reaffirm that

the great powers have no friends and only serve their own interests.

I refer to this because, according to El Nuevo Herald, last January

12, the United States government presented 5 charges that expressed

that "liberation of the prisoner" would cause serious implications in

terms of foreign policy", referring to Luis Posada Carriles, leading

me to ask: Since when do the United States district attorneys think

of international reactions on cases they hear? Or isn't there a

division of powers in this country that makes sure the Executive

cannot meddle in the prerogatives of other public powers?

Posada Carriles is charged with having given false testimony

regarding his entry into this country, not in the least relevant are

the services Luis has given to this great nation during the Cold War.

Posada Carriles risked his life many times, not only fighting

communism in Cuba but also fighting for democracy in other parts of

the world, particularly in Venezuela. He was a close collaborator of

the Central Intelligence Agency and honorably served the United

States Armed Forces.

All this reminds me that when I returned to the United States after

having spent eleven years imprisoned in Venezuela, having been tried

in that country by military and civilian courts and absolved of the

charges against me, I was sent to a U.S. federal prison under the

absurd and ridiculous charges of representing "a danger to national


I was in that prison for 29 months and was freed not because they

became aware of the enormous injustice, but because of the widespread

and constant solidarity of my compatriots and brothers from other

countries letting it be known in one way or another that they

rejected what the government was doing to me.

We all know the many cases in which the United States government has

acted in favor of democracy, such as the sons of this great nation

who give their lives for the freedom of other peoples. That is why,

for me, it is a great cowardice for this country, with such a rich

history in the fight for freedom and human rights, to violate the

rights and to attempt to distort the dignity of Luis Posada Carriles

and other Cuban patriots because they are committed to fight for the

freedom of their country.

This great nation should not fear the reactions of the Cuban

dictatorship nor the arrogance of Hugo Chavez. Both governments are

enemies of freedom and rights and this country, if it is going to be

allied to the democrats, should not go about with hypocrisy. They

should not repeat the treason of the Bay of Pigs nor the cowardly

retreat from Saigon.

When you act with justice, the dogs of hell bark and the United

States should not fear this, much less the government of President

George W. Bush who decided to go to war in Asia to free a people.

We know that the regimes of Cuba and Venezuela are going to make a

fuss and fiercely criticize the liberation of Luis, and dropping the

charges against his compatriots. But when the truth is on your side

you have to act although the wolves howl and the hyenas growl in


President of the Partido Protagonista del Pueblo

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