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I have wondered whether the failure to capitalise on a most successful Allied (US) approach to and onto Anzio beach was influenced by an anticipation of the carve up of Europe after victory and therefore allowing the Germans and the Black Prince's guerillas as much time as possible to decimate the largely Communist Italian Partisans in the North, rather than having to find themselves allies to the Communists in Italy. If so the price of the losses in Anzio would be a bitter pill as these same forces (Germans and the Black Prince, Angletons 'protege') held back the US forces.

Greece meanwhile was in a similar situation where the Communist Partisans played a significant role in driving out the Germans. Following this victory, civil war between Partisan Factions ensued, and Stalin eventually ceded control in Greece in return for other territory. Without exterior influenece (OSS) Greece would have very likely been Communist.

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And Edwin Walker ran the Greek Desk at the Pentagon during the Greek Civil War ......................


Jim Root

PS Your comments about the elimination of the Communist and Socialist Partisan groups in the North of Italy is, in my opinion, on target. Tompkins was very upset about this very thing and his writtings display a distinct Socialist leaning. Oswald also claimed an attachment to the Socialist train of thought. Interestingly enough so do the writtings of John B. Hurt.

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