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Teachers influence subject likes by students

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Students like of a subject at school does not always depend on the intrest. It depends on the teacher actually. Teachers who go on and on making the class very boring, will cause a student who did originally favour this topic to dislike it. It is all up to the teachers: the way they teach. I used to be very interested in geography for example and was fascinated about the globe, and measuring logitude but was soon pulled off it when my teacher during a mathmatics class pulled about the longitude issue. Firstly, he gave us longitude definion - straight from the dictionaty and then he told us to write an essay on longitude. Many if us did not even know the longitude issue and not only did he not give us an introduction, when students approached him, he said 'it would be unfair if I told you the answer and it is good you don't know- thats what i expected' a good teacher can inspire students into a subject they do not necessarily like not discourage them with the subjects they expertise or have intrest in. It all depends on the teaching method.

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I was reminded today of the fact that when I left school in 1968 I wanted to beat up my Geography teacher......and last year I got lost in France....map reading again!

(I lost interest in the whole idea of beating him up by the way...just as well really he was a lot bigger than I was)

Although I teach ICT now, I was originally an English teacher and the best teacher I ever had was an English teacher who read us "The Hobbit" on Friday afternoons.

On the other hand of course I had some very nice RE teachers but I would have had to change my religion in order to teach the subject :)

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