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Censorship in West Sussex

Derek McMillan

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Here is a funny thing.

West Sussex teachers have a blog on http://westsussexteachersassociation.blogspot.com and their employers have blocked them from viewing the site at school. WSTA represents about 4000 teachers in West Sussex.

This is extraordinary because the site has links to inservice training and ICT training courses teachers can take and their employers are just being heavy-handed.

Annoyingly they have also blocked my blog which has quizzes for pupils but I can post them elsewhere.

If you have any thoughts on this you might like to email ictinschools@westsussex.gov.uk and give them your uncensored opinion on this!

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We are currently in dispute with the International School of Toulouse. We have created and websites and blogs in this struggle. It has upset the management of IST but we remain online.




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As of today WSGFL have backed down on http://westssussexteachersassociation.blogspot.com despite claiming it was "inpractical" (by which they may have meant impractical) to unblock it. They have a block on the part of the blog which links to the rest of blogspot.

This shows that pressure can make a difference. That email address again ictinschools@westsussex.gov.uk

The sites still blocked

socialistteachers.blogspot.com (a bit left wing for West Sussex?)


and of course this morning I found this forum is blocked too!

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I reported in good faith that WSGFL had stopped blocking http://westsussexteachersassociation.blogspot.com but I hear from another colleague that it is still blocked at her school. If the blog is not harmful to Sackville teachers I would have thought it would not harm teachers elsewhere in the county.

If you want to know one way or another or just castigate censorship email ictinschools@westsussex.gov.uk

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