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Iakob Löwiq-Müller,Bilinda, Ruby and Oswald

Guest Eugene B. Connolly

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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

Iakob Löwiq-Müller,Bilinda, Ruby and Oswald

I recently received these two old black and white prints anonymously

from a fellow forum member. Unfortunately the original negative has been lost.

He has assured me they are genuine and further claims that they

show the image of a former dancer in Jack Ruby's Carousel Club.

He also claims that she is the link between Jack Ruby and Oswald.

Does anyone recognise this individual or perhaps know

her real name or even where she is now. I have been

reliably informed that her stage name was Bilinda (Aka 'Ping Pong').

She was a firm favourite with all Jack Ruby's customers.

Note the semi-bouffant hairstyle - unusual for the times

and note too the glasses.No doubt she was a fashion icon

of her day - late 50s, early 60s and was certainly ahead of the times.

Bilinda left Dallas days after the assassination of

John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the company of a man called

Iakob Löwiq-Müller - a German immigrant and local baker nicknamed Jimmy Lowloaf.

It is thought Iakob Löwiq-Müller later changed his name to a more English version.

The prints are of poor quality but they are all I have to work on.

I have done a minimal amount of enhancement on these two

prints in the hope that someone somewhere will recognise this person.

Has anyone anything to add to this?


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The only thing that comes to (my) mind that may possibly be of use is:

"Items allegedly on Oswald's person when searched included ..........a check stub from American Bakeries, Dallas, dated 1960

(Oswald's Neely Street apartment had previously been occupied by an employee of American Bakeries; otherwise, the presence of this stub is unexplained)"


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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

It's kind of creepy. Like Internet stalking.


Maybe you should address your remarks about Internet Stalking to your friend

Bill Miller - the original internet Stalker, Brute and Bully.

He started all this with his constant flood of abuse and bile which for some strange reason

he chose to direct at me. There were many others in the Wiegman enhanced frame

thread whom he could have chosen to bully and abuse and yes - stalk but he chose me.

Maybe next time,Mark, it will be you he choses to abuse,insult,bully and stalk!

Read the Wiegman thread from the beginning and ask yourself this question:

"Why did Miller target EBC and not someone else?

Bearing in mind that EBC was doing no more and no less than what

the other contributors to the Wiegman enhanced frame thread were doing."

I think I know the answer. You work it out.

If it's 'creepy' you're looking for

look no further than Bill Miller - the creep of creeps.

And he's a friend of yours?

A really scary individual.

And to you Duncan all I can say is:

Slàinte Mhath!


Edited by Eugene B. Connolly
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