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This is not meant to be a more acute criticism on any forum member than upon myself !

What I have perceived, and it appears to be rapidly growing, the "manner and intent" in which thread questions are being answered.

They, for the most part, are not at all being answered ! We seem to read a thread, draw a bead on a particular word or phrase in which we have particular personal interest.....and then post a semi-thesis on this one narrow area of the thread, which very often is not the "poster's" intent or question.

WE then have ultimately, tho not necessarily with purpose, often DIVERTED the "entire meaning" of the question or original statement made. We seem to do so to to re-introduce a usually much belabored point, often miniscule, in which we have perhaps an overly paranoid or semi-hysterical interest.

I seems that we all are suffering from "ear and mouth disease" ! To the best of my knowledge, there is as yet, no cure. The effects of this disease result in the rapid shrinking of the ears, accompanied by a cavernous enlargement of the mouth. It is not known how or even "if" the brain is directly related to these anomalies.

I didn't post this with the hope that there is an already existing remedy. It was meant merely as a warning, and was posted here because, one of the few things definite that we know regarding this disease, is that it has been discovered that its most prolific breeding ground has been on internet forums.

Charlie Black

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