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Operation Mockingbird at RisK?

John Simkin

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I don't believe Oliver Stone has publicly stated his support of the official 9/11 story. He simply chose to tell the story of individual bravery that day, instead of speculating on what might have really happened. Stone filmed a documentary on the possible shooting down of TWA flight 800 a few years ago, for ABC-TV (I think, might have been the Discovery Channel), but it was pulled at the last second and never aired. To my knowledge, the documentary isn't out there on youtube or Google video, unlike "Conspiracy of Silence," about the elder Bush and his Republican pals dallying into the world of child sex/slavery, which was also pulled from airing at the last minute but is widely available online (everyone should watch it). So, I think that Oliver Stone may still be competing with the best of us in searching for conspiracies.

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Also posted in the Roosevelt Kennedy thread:

From the New York Post in 2000:

Writers William Corson and Joseph Trento have pulled a literary reverse. A year ago, they sold film rights to a nonfiction project called "The Last President"- about a real-life plot to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 - to producer Arnold Copelson. Copelson has since gotten Oliver Stone and 20th Century Fox interested in the project.

Now, with Stone said to be well along in writing the script, the authors have turned around and sold the book proposal to Simon & Schuster's Free Press imprint for an estimated $200,000.

According to Free Press editor Chad Conway, the book will detail how some of the nation's leading capitalists - alarmed by the election of FDR and his plans to introduce radical reforms during the Great Depression - tried to engineer a military coup to overthrow the government. The plotters first talked to General Douglas MacArthur and then to General Smedley Darlington Butler, Conway says. "Butler eventually exposed the plot," he says.

FDR started public hearings but then quashed them. "He thought the nation was going through enough turmoil," Conway says. But, he adds, FDR used the information to keep the plotters in line for the rest of the New Deal. "FDR comes off looking even more Machiavellian and heroic than we thought," Conway says.

Corson is a writer and former FBI agent, and Trento works for the Public Education Center.

"Corson's father was one of the guys involved with investigating the original plot," Conway says.

The Free Press is planning a 100,000 print run for the book for fall 2002.

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