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If memory serves me, (it doesn't always) the Zodiac Killer was never captured. A man by the name of Arthur Leigh Allen was suspected by many though. He died in 1992.

I also seem to recall there was another suspect who had connections to Navy Intel who also had cryptography skills. I can't remember his name though.


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Also from the web, myspaces (a hoax?):


Like I told the cops, the knife I had the day those kids were stabbed at Lake Berryessa had CHICKEN BLOOD on it !!! NOT human blood !!!"

Arthur Leigh Allen


73 years old


United States

James, the Arthur Leigh Allen that died in 1992 was born in 1933. So is this person claiming to be. The photo is also the same, as I have heard. So the first conclusion is that this person is certainly claiming to be the person that was suspected as being the Zodiac.


Probably not more than some nice tactic to draw attention to oneself.

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