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Low Circulation as a function of "Conspiracy Theory"

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Have you ever thoutht that the difference between history and "conspiracy theory" was a function of circulation--i.e. how many readers got a chance to read a certain story. I think this is one of the variables, though not the only one.

The Huffington Post has a new feature in which you can nominate and vote on articles THAT SHOULD BE GETTING A LOT MORE ATTANTION. In short, articles can be "huffed into" the mainstream. Actually Huff post gets a heck of a lot of hits.

One strategy for preventing the truth about the JFK assassination and other cover-ups might just be to get 13 people blogging to each other on the same sites,thus PREVENTING ACCESS TO OTHER SITES THAT REACH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS

The CIA might be thinking "No need to burn bridges if they never build any bridges in the first place, and we just keep them chattering in catacombs of the internet" Im not suggesting time on educational forum is wasted. Its the best site I've ever found. But what if three percent of people's time was spent providing links from this site to sites with broader audiences like Huff post.

This might be way of counteracting known "left-gatekeeping" strategies of the CIA, as practiced most notibly in their creation and complete funding for Encounter Magazine throughout the first half of the Cold War.

Now some might suspect Huff Post's new article nominating feature as limiting to current events alone. But there is fairly good--though definitely not comprehensive article-- about the Militay Industrial Complex (they are a few hyphens behind the times, I mean Forum) that has currently recieved the most votes.

If forum members used this feature it could be a good way of drawing WIDER ATTENTION to articles that we think more people should know about. Registration is easy at Huffington Post. I suggest that members look into this feature and dicide it its thier cup of tea. Otherwise botched budhists might one day write of this excellent resource we have at Education Forum, "if a tree falls in the Forum and only 13 people hear it...."

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