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In the spirit of the series of 'Mysterious Deaths,' I find it very interesting to note the number of 'break-ins' associated with the assassination suspects, witnesses, and other connected parties. I thought it may be interesting to begin a chain.

James Jesus Angleton - CIA Master Spy and Cold Warrior 'hero.' James Jesus Angleton attempted to break in to Mary Pinchot Meyer's [JFK Mistress] studio apartment, following her murder, seeking her sketchbook. He eventually got it, but it's unknown today as to whether he copied and documented it in his files, before handing it over to Mary's friends, who allegedly destroyed it.

Michael Paine - Estranged husband to Ruth Paine, who had befriended Marina Oswald.

the [Minox] camera was returned to him shortly after the assassination and was eventually stolen along with his other photographic equipment about five years later.

John Thomas Dunkin No name key photographer.

A month after his death in 1994... were given access to his home where he worked.  His files had been ransacked and most covered two to three inches on the living room floor.

Dean Andrews - Attorney requested to represent LHO -

DAVIS stated that when ANDREWS got back from the hospital, he found that someone had broken into his office and gone through his files, however nothing of value was taken. He stated that believes ANDREWS opened a file on the OSWALD case, however he does not know if the file or file number is available. He stated that the secretary only knew about 20% of what DEAN was doing.
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Judyth can add one.

Her friend Debbie Reynolds, who helped Judyth find corroboration, too. Her house ws filled with poop 3 feet high.

Difficult to imagine? Well, the firemen, insurance and police had never seen this either . It's all on video.


PS: Where is "Folsom" today? (not that I miss him ;) )

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Hello to all,

I am currently reading JFK, The Last Dissenting Witness, and according to Bill Sloan one can add Jean Hill to the early list of break-ins. Three cameras (an old kodak movie camera, an instamatic, and a Polariod were taken from a closet in her bed room and then returned. She is quoted as not remembering whether they contained exposed film. The break in(s) occured in May 1964, after she had testified before the Warren Commission.

I feel it is possible to doucment hundreds if not thousands of such occurances.

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