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Fact or Conjecture? After 43 years.

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As I was fishing earlier this morning, my mind asked myself a question. That question was "What do I factually know about the assassination of JFK?"

Myself answered..."Very Little".

When I set aside theories of what was happening in the world at this time, which does and will always naturally set forth a great deal of conjecture and speculation, and I focus on the event itself.....

What do I truly KNOW ? I don't feel that I KNOW very much more than I did many years ago.

I know that at appx. 12:30 CST, in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963, the U.S. President, the Governor of Texas, their wives and two Secret Service men,

were driving in an open top convertible limousine, as part of a motorcade travelling thru an area of Dallas named Dealey Plaza, and were headed to a spot mamed the Trade Mart, where they were to have lunch and President Kennedy was to deliver a speech.

I know that at some point (no exact location) after the motorcade turned from Houston to Elm Street, that there were a series (number unknown) of gunshots directed toward the limousine by a shooter or shooters unknown, from a location or the exact number of locations unknown. I know that Governor Connally was struck at three different points of his body by an unknown number of bullets. I know that President Kennedy received wounds to the head, tho the number or direction of the shots is unknown, a shallow wound to his upper back believed to have been from a gunshot, though proof of a bullet was never found, and a wound to his anterior throat that was presumed to be, by the Parkland Hospital trauma team, an entry wound of "a something", tho that something was never found.

I know that Gov. Connally survived his wounds, but that JFK was pronounced dead at appx. 1:00PM.

I know that the body of JFK was illegaly moved from the legal jurisdiction of Dallas Texas by members of the Secret Service at gunpoint, and is believed to have been placed in its coffin on Air Force 1.

The body was transported, by some means (exact time unknown) to the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland where it arrived at an unknown exact time.

I know that the appearance of the body when it arrived at Bethesda was much different in appearance than what was described to be the condition of the body described by the Parkland Trauma Staff, which attended to the wounds and later prepared the remains for shipment.

I know that the time of arrival at Bethesda, the method of arrival, the type of casket from which the remains were removed, and the appearance of the wounds are in great dispute.....43 years after the fact.

I know that it is widely acknowledged that an incomplete and incompetent "autopsy" was performed.

I know that some of the original autopsy notes were illegally burned. I know that some of the autopsy pictures and xrays are said to have disappeared. I know that the President's brain and tissue samples were lost. I know that the developer of the autopsy photographs could not verify them.

I also know that in mid-afternoon Dallas, a Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, due to an exact reason unknown, and was later charged with the murder of JFK and a Dallas police officer. I know that LHO had no legal counsel. I know that it is said that "no notes" of his interrogation were taken.

I know that a rifle was found on an upper floor of the TSBD which is said to be traceable to LHO.

I know of no witness that can identify LHO as the 6th floor gunman, and that paraffin tests indicated that he had not fired a "rifle".

I know that the FBI almost immediately proclaimed that LHO was an assassin and for all practical purposes, the investigation was concluded.

I know that a Dallas policeman was shot on the afternoon of 11/22/63. I do NOT know that this killing was necessarily associated with the assassination of JFK.

I know that Jack Ruby shot LHO....I also know that Chief Justice Earl Warren would not allow Ruby to appear before the Warren Commission, even after Ruby told him that he had important information regarding the assassination.

Except for thousands of bits of possible information that could be filled in, this is really what I know of this case....and I knew most of this 30 years ago. I know that many wish to chime in "how about this" or "that" because I cannot write, nor is it necessary in the context of this post, to include certain (most) particulars.

The purpose of my writing this is merely to concede what a perfectly executed Coup d' Etat was successfuly carried out and covered. A Coup that has been responsible for a great many of the problems with which the world is currently confronted.

That this actually occurred is all that I am absolutely certain of. I also feel that the harm already done can never be altered.

Thanks for allowing me to spew, regarding what I really feel regarding the progress of JFK assassination research !

Yes ! My asessment is quite negative !

Charlie Black

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As I was fishing earlier this morning, my mind asked myself a question. That question was "What do I factually know about the assassination of JFK?"

Myself answered..."Very Little".


Yes ! My asessment is quite negative !

Charlie Black


But did you catch any fish?

Run into Tim Gratz?


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