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I bought a copy of Say Goodbye to the President in the hopes of seeing Bobby Kennedy's demeanor on August 5, 1962. Mr. Bates, a family friend, showed photos of Robert Kennedy at his ranch on Saturday, August 4. This was in Gilroy, CA, near San Francisco. Bates maintains that Bobby Kennedy was there all weekend with some of his kids and Ethel. In the photos what I see is a tanned, normal, happy man.

On Aug. 4, the Pollards, neighbors of Marilyn Monroe, were playing bridge with friends when they saw Bobby pull up in a convertible. I believe they said another man accompanied him, but I read that so long ago -- it might not be right. And it might be one of Slatzer's embellishments.

Another author quotes throughout his book 2 dead people: Mrs. Murray and her son-in-law, Norman Jeffries, who were at the scene. He says Bobby Kennedy sent Murray and Jeffries away and he was with one or two men. I guess the Pollards are gone, so we can't back this up. This book maintains that Bobby beat up Marilyn Monroe, brought her into her guest house where she kept her files, and killed her, leaving her for dead. Motive: Her little red diary. Now I ask you, is Bobby Kennedy going to kill a well-known woman because she wrote down some secrets he told her about the Kennedy Administration? First of all, he could have burned it -- she had a fireplace. But she may have a copy somewhere else. Or she could tell someone verbatim what Bobby told her. Once he told her, he put it into her knowledge. So whether it's written down or not, she knows things about Castro, and the UFO men captured at Roswell, Jimmy Hoffa, the mob, etc. If she threatens to tell people, especially since her old psychiatrist, Dr. Krist, committed her to a mental hospital the year before, who is going to care? Most won't believe her and Kennedy could scoff at it and say he's very sorry for her. They attended a party once and got to talking about the space program. He's sorry she tied in our Moon race with flying saucers. And just stand there and shake his head. Why murder her? It's ridiculous.

So why would Bobby Kennedy kill Marilyn Monroe? It is more reasonable to conclude that after he left her house after a visit, the CIA, FBI or the mafia, or any intel agency, went in and killed her, hoping to frame Bobby Kennedy.

When Jeffries and Murray returned, Marilyn was on a bed in the guest house and still had a pulse. Her psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson, showed up suddenly and gave her an injection in her heart, presumably adrenaline; it hit her rib instead and the needle broke. She died.

Another book has come out, which I haven't read, by a sister (I think) of Joe DiMaggio, who states she was on the phone with Marilyn when Marilyn yelled out a name and the phone went dead. This name she would not tell anyone because of fear someone would die in the DiMaggio family. If this is true, could Monroe have yelled out, "Bobby!" -- ? The sister must have told Joe, but unless she says more, we'll never know. -- But I didn't read the book; maybe she says within that she did tell her brother.

Anyway, I am requesting that someone post the photograph that I will describe. It's dated August 5, 1962 at 9:30 am. It shows Bobby outside a Catholic Church with his wife and kids in Gilroy, CA. Marilyn Monroe was dead. The public knew this at approx 5 am. The photo was in B/W. It was in a book, most likely. But which one?

I would love it if someone could post or scan it.

Thank You,


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