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Guest Mark Valenti

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Prank, to answer your question.

In any corporation you have The Board of Directors, then a hierarchy all the way to the minions or in this instance the 'foot soldiers'. Looking for the assassin/s is looking for the footsoldiers and their paymasters. All along the way to the top is a 'need to know'.

At the top, and across the levels below, you move into other venues and other people. From possible principals at various levels you move into other venues and strctures.

Are we looking for the triggerman, or the reasons and the Top echelon?

The principal actors as local, does not mean that non locals don't share their interests. The point here is that in those early days of the assassination and coverup the idea of "Being Local' (post #12) is a notion we all can probably understand. It's the early deaths and derailed investigations and conflicting evidences that form the first and the ever revisited enigma. The concept of the dynamic of 'being local' is the point here.

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