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The (alternative) History of the World part X

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The primary Axis powers

Falangist .................................................- Spanish...Franco (Anti-Republican)

National Socialist Workers Party(NAZI) ..- German...Hitler (this has nothing to do with socialism, the Bolchevics were their primary enemy)

Fascist....................................................- Italian..... Mussolini (Corporate)

The rest of the Western powers(Allies minus the USSR)

This formed the Vanguard of the Capitalist drive to destroy the USSR (CCCP) Republic of the Union of Socialist Worker Cells. IOW a resumption of the failed White Russian counterrevolution that all the allies had supported.

After securing resources, the main thrust was Operation Barbarossa. As the failure became apparent to the Western Allies, the invasion of the continent took place and the race for Berlin started. With the Soviet forces then freed to attack the Japanese, they were stalled until the USA had time to complete the atomic bomb and demonstrate its destructive powers (twice).

Then came the cold war, Korea and the withdrawal of the USSR from that arena.

Essentially the couterrevolution HAD succeeded with the disappearance of Lenins last testament, and the consolidation of Stalins power. However the populus has been politiciced, and the next process was the destruction of their history/memories through large scale executions and relocations and through the defence of (as they thought) their hard won socialism during which some 35 to 50 million of the USSR's population was killed.

While the Holocaust was an atrocity committed against one identifiable grouping, the horrors unleashed against the Bolchevics is largely overlooked. The Soviet people won World War II, and through their revoltion brought an end to World war I.

The world was poised on the victory of all the working people for a brief span of time following the First World War.

The rest of the Twentieth century was a period of machinations inorder to reconsolidate the power of the Minority Capitalists and 'their property'.

As has been said 'property is theft'. And what Marx had done was show the worlds population that it belonged to them, not just a small wealthy and powerful Cabal.

When this realisation again becomes global, we are in for some horrors as yet only imagined.

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