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Lee Harvey Oswald and the racists

Guest Mark Valenti

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Guest Mark Valenti

This is from Thomas L. Jones at the Crimelibrary.com web site:

"Carlos Marcello was a fervent racist. He despised blacks and vehemently opposed the civil rights movement during the 1960’s. He openly expressed his hatred of Dr. Martin Luther King and his white knight, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Known to be a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan, Carlos was a generous financial supporter of anti-civil rights movements.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover also shared his views. At one time he had been passed a news release that showed Time magazine had nominated Dr King "Man of the Year" in 1962. Hoover scribbled in the margin, "They had to dig deep in the garbage to come up with this one."

Hoover’s direction of the investigation of the assassination of Dr. King was so inept that the House Select Committee on Assassinations delivered in its final report the harshest critique ever levelled at him and his agency. In part, it said: "in regards to the conduct of the FBI towards the civil rights leader prior to his murder, it was morally reprehensible, illegal, felonious and unconstitutional."

Norfio Pecora and Joe Poretto, two of Carlos’ top men, were each married to a sister of D’Aston Smith, a close associate of Marcello. He was a good friend and confident of Murray Chotiner, who was one of Nixon’s closet advisors and confidants. He was also closely connected to the L.A. mobster, Mickey Cohen. He became Nixon’s special counsel in 1971 and used his influence to help secure a presidential pardon for imprisoned labour leader Jimmy Hoffa, who was a very good friend of Carlos Marcello."

Joe Poretto is alleged to have used Lee Harvey Oswald as a runner for gambling operations in the summer of 1963.

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