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Video Interview - Ron Lewis

Gil Jesus

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Ron Lewis, an Oswald friend from his New Orleans days, is interviewed.

Mr. Lewis reveals that Jack Ruby was connected to the gunrunning

operation being run out of 544 Camp St., and that Oswald and Ruby knew

each other well.


I read Ron Lewis' book and like Judyth, Lewis presents little if any leads that can be followed up and confirmed and lead to other records and witnesses.

In his book Lewis says he worked with Oswald at Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval in Dallas, and then also knew him in New Orleans. Lewis claims that they hung out at the Crescent City Garage, where there was a .22 shooting range in the basement.

Here, in this TV interview, he says Ruby drove a Laundry truck with ammo supplied by LHO from 544 Camp St. to training camps and Oswald and Ruby knew each other very well.

I don't know about his guy.

And Gil, these little video snippits are interesting, but there needs to be a transcript of them and a date and source for serious research purposes.


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