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Allen W. Dulles

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Guest Robert Morrow

You expect me to understand a guy as twisted as Dulles?

No, I don't. He probably said publicly, the opposite of what he believed, but when he wasn't speaking propaganda he was speaking in riddles. We know he was a thoughtful man; he came to the first executive session of the WC with a book for each of his fellow commissioners extolling

the history of LN assassins.

This doesn't prove or disprove that LBJ was in Texas on October 29 when Allen Dulles was. The article gives the impression LBJ arrived from and was returning to Washington, just a day later, on Wednesday the 30th. It looks like Dulles did not stick around for Sen. Tom Connally's funeral service.


From a 1984 academic paper, "Historic Resource Study: Lyndon B. Johnson and the Hill Country 1937-1963" by Edwin Bearrss of the National Park Service -

"LBJ arrived back in the Hill Country at 10:30 on the evening of October 29 [1963]. He was acccompanied on the flight from Washington by Sergeant Glynn, Secret Service Agents Youngblood and Bendickson and Marie Fehmer. On Wednesday, the 30th, Johnson was at Johnson City about noon, where he cast an absentee ballot. He then flew to Marlin in the Bonanza to attend former Senator Tom Connally's funeral."

That is footnoted in LBJ's pre-Presidential diary.

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