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The Nuclear Axis

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I wasn't quite sure whether to raise this in the Nazi Germany thread or here, but there is a political conspiracy aspect so I chose here.

I'm just finishing "THE NUCLEAR AXIS - Germany, Japan, and the Atom Bomb Race 1939-45" by Philip Henshall.

The author details a lot of technical information about the Nazi V-weapons, launch sites, nuclear research, technical exchanges with Japan, and Allied investigations of Axis research. He backs this up with various ULTRA intercepts, de-classified information, and FOI data.

His main claim is that both Germany and Japan were far more advanced in their nuclear research than has been admitted, that Germany was preparing to launch nuclear or 'dirty' weapons, and that Japan actually exploded a nuclear device in mid-August 1945.

Some of the evidence is circumstantial or tenuous - as may be expected - but overall he makes a very interesting case for his claims.

I did some Googling but found little more than reference to the book; nothing refuting or supporting the claims.

I was wondering if anyone had heard of similar claims or material either supporting / refuting the claims.

To me, without supporting evidence, it seems a little unbelievable but overall he makes a very good case. If his facts are correct, history may have to be re-written.

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