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Nick Falk

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Copy of my posting in the science area

I have had this idea that the next vehicle for schools publicising themselves to their local community should be an Internet radio station. Most schools have a website that provides information to parents and students about the running of the school and the curriculum on offer. Some have started to create of a digital curriculum and have students creating their learning material.

Could this be supplemented by a schools own web radio?

Is Internet radio 'an untapped treasure' as recently suggested by Glenys Hart in the December edition of Educational Computing and Technology?

I have been encouraging teacher in my own school to consider the potential of in-house Internet radio programmes being made available to students and learners in the local community.

Here is an Internet radio station which I have been running fo a few years. Not geared to the curriculum


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I think that the potential for internet radio in school is great.

I have recently won a bid from Youth Music - Music Making:

( http://www.youthmusic.org.uk/looking_for_f...Music_Maker.jsp ) to set up an Internet radio station in my school. This bid also allows for professionals to come in and set it up. We will then run some workshops in school with our pupils and go out to our feeder primary schools and broadcast their compositions/performances.

I am really interested to see what happens as a result of all of this :wacko:

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