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Apple today launched the long-awaited UK version of its iTunes online music store. The website allows users to download a song for just 79p. More than 700,000 tracks are available from what Apple calls "the best music jukebox in the world". There is no subscription fee and most albums will cost £7.99 to download. In the United States, iTunes has sold more than 85 million tracks since its launch a year ago and dominates the market with a 70 per cent share of all legal downloads. The website a quick "one-click download", free 30-second preview of each tune and album cover art to accompany the songs.


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Presumably it is not a state secret that you can download anything from gnutella or the gnutella client limewire....for free.

Now of course this does mean that John Lennon or Buddy Holly do not get the royalties but one wonders what they would do with them :) Annoyingly it is the millionaire rock stars of dubious talent who shout loudest that they will die of starvation because of free music on the internet....like they did when people started taping from the wireless.

Have a nice day


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