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Bobby, Marilyn and Jack

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Hi Bernice

You are absolutely correct and I agree that for the most part this is senseless.

However, that so much of this case, even the Warren Report and the findings of the HSCA, are based "so heavily" on supposition and conjecture, along with the deliberate exclusion of certain very important pieces of evidence, it becomes difficult to discuss this case, even when attempting to be fair and honest, without entering those areas in which speculation and conjecture "actually dominate".

When even faced with what could possibly be very critical evidence ie....was Oswald an U.S. intelligence asset?.....was he an FBI informant?...

were there more than ONE Oswald, has the Zapruder film been altered?..........

We have no definitive answers, but a lot of speculation and conjecture.

As I have said before, I could care less about the "sex lives" of any of the Kennedys....or of Marilyn Monroe !

My very admittedly speculative question was meant to actually delve into another area....tho we will not find an answer.

"IF" their was reckless sexual behavior of John or Robert Kennedy which may have in some way have had even a remote impact on what was perceived to be National Security.....and IF this alledged behavior

( even falsely created conversational tapes ) came into the hands of JEH.....there could "speculatively" have been a number of "consequences" which followed, involving Marilyn.

My point being, and this is not meant to be Kennedy bashing, nor is this meant to be a "moral judgement" of "anyone's" sexual behavior"....when an individual accepts the honor of being the Foremost Representative of the United States, he must ACCEPT also that that his "position" disallows him freedoms which he may once have had, or would like to have. "Everything has a price that must, in one way or another, be paid."

If, whether true or not, some seemingly substantial evidence, reached the office of JEH....a major problem is born! Marilyn was known to have Mafia associated friends. The U.S. was said to be having a war on organized crime. It could be perceived, even if reports were falsified, that a Kennedy, being associated with "a friend" of organized crime

displayed both "reckless and potentially harmful" behavior that was not in the best interest of the United States.

I feel that it is documented that JFK dissolved a very friendly relationship with Frank Sinatra upon advisement by JEH of Frank's "possible" mob connections. "IF" there was a close relationship between Marilyn and either Kennedy, it would no doubt not have escaped JEH's over surveillance of the Kennedy's.

If even a portion of these speculations are true, and I feel "personally" (no proof) that they are, a major problem "could have arisen" which effected Marilyn and her death.

Once again, stating that Robert and John were "mortal men", regardless of the offices which they held, I hope that this is not "Kennedy bashing", but they could make human, mortal mistakes, which because of the "positions" which they accepted, could be concluded to "Not being in the best interest of the United States", and therefore considered "very reckless" behavior...from a security stand point.

This is not meant to be a condemnation.....but

reality ! This is how things work !

Charlie Black

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