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INFORMATION ONLY, no attack T. Folsom

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T. Folsom aka Burton W. Folsom is connected with the Center for the American Idea that per website " ..a program of the Free Enterprise Institute."The Free Enterprise Institute receives funding from the William B. Moss foundation & the Philip R. Jonsson Foundation (PRJF). The PRJF was created by the mother and father of Philip R. Jonsson. So, who is the father of Philip R. Jonsson ???

John Erik Jonsson is the answer to the above question. When the SS prepared a document of 17 people who assisted with JFK visit- 3 names were withheld Robert Strauss, Eugene Locke and J. Erik Jonsson. Locke was mob connected and his law partner Purnell sat on the GSW board and was a director AH Belo. Locke/Purnell offices held the meeting for parade route. Of note, PD Scott has connected GSW and AH Belo employees to the assassination. As an example GSW, in a roundabout fashion provided the lawyers/managers for Ruby/Marina. GSW was a Murchison/Rockefeller investment.

Jonsson was one of the founders of Texas Instruments. From the book Thy Will Be Done" when the Rockefellers wanted someting done behind the scenes they would employ Texas Instruments." Jonsson sat on the board of Equitable Life Assurance Society with David Rockefeller. Texas Instruments bigwigs Berkner and Haggerty were connected to several Rockefeller foundations. David (per bio I read) was closer to the CIA than even brother Nelson. The Rockefeller's had large $$ plans for Brazil . A few months after the assassination the president of Brazil (who JFK favored) was overthrown and Rockefeller investment in Brazil soared. One of the Asia Society's founders was David Rockefeller. The Asia Society had developed a gigantic plan for the development of SE Asia. JFK's plan to withdraw out of Vietnam would have stopped cold these plans. Readers of PROBE magazine will recall that JFK was going to investigate FreePort Sulfur ,that may have been stealing hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payers money (thats in 1950s-60s money). The Rockefeller family was a large part of FreePort Sulfur. Jonsson became mayor of Dallas = to continue the Earl Cabell coverup ?? THANKS NO ATTACK, just facts THANKS STEVE GAAL :unsure:

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