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For those of you who haven't seen it, the ARKive website includes free downloadable video clips of BBC and National geographic content and a searchable database of images and video clips related to a range of geography topics http://www.arkive.org/

ARKive is the world’s centralised library of films and photographs of the world's endangered species – freely accessible to all online for private research and internal educational purposes. Hailed as the digital Noah’s Ark, it has won numerous conservation education and communication awards since its launch by Sir David Attenborough in 2003.

The main ARKive website www.arkive.org is designed for a variety of users (11 years old and upwards). Its content consists of one of the largest collection of wildlife and environmental films and images that can be viewed for free, and is relevant to a wide range of science, ICT and geography subjects in primary or secondary schools and up to university standard (all can be downloaded free of charge).

· Planet ARKive www.planetarkive.org is for children aged 7-11, and designed to make life science learning and environmental education a widely enjoyable experience. It fits in especially well with learning about living things in their environment, the habitats and ecosystems of the world. Again it is free and fun to use.

· ARKive Education (www.arkiveeducation.org) is for teachers and other educators – and offers downloadable briefings, lesson plans and project ideas to support curriculum learning targets. It too is free to use.

ARKive is used by up to 22,000 students, teachers, academics, lecturers and research staff in 170 countries every single day. This is because of its authoritative visual nature and its ability to give people from different countries the chance to show and discuss the environments that they live in.

Any feedback, very welcome!


ARKive Education Officer

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