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The Disinformation of John Mcadams

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I find it quite shameful the work John Mcadams has done on his website, mis-quoting people, using credible researchers work to prove his theories and then criticising them on another page. It is all quite convenient that anytime a search is made for 'jfk' or 'assassination' the Mcadams site is one of the first to appear, it is sites like these that undo a lot of good work when people who have just heard rumours of a cover-up and want to do their own research into it and are thrown off the scent by a piece of garbage such as that site. I especially think that Mcadams is a hypocrite who laughs off the idea of conspiracy and calls everyone who believes in it 'buffs' while he accuses district attorney jim garrison of using mind control techniques, who is the real crackpot?

shame on you Mr. Mcadams


I see many people quote McAdams when they don't to believe the truth.

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I wouldn't call John McAdams a crackpot.  Although I don't agree with most of his claims, I am in agreement with him on Roscoe White affair, the claims of Robert Murrow, the D.C. phone blackout, and the claims of L. Fletcher Prouty.  And he does have some interesting photographs that are assassination related.  But I do think he does offer some mistaken and outdated information.

Mr. Thirdeye...you have revealed yourself as a Posnerite.

Anybody who disagrees with Fletcher Prouty is uninformed,

in my opinion. Defending McAdams is defending the CIA.

Roscoe White had SOME involvement in 11-22, we just

don't know for sure what it was.

Robert Morrow books contain some good and some bad

information. Whether or not he was a disinformation agent

is not known, but if McAdams is against him, that gives him

more credibility.

Jack White ;)

Why? Because I disagree with some conspiracy arguments I am a defender of the lone-assasin viewpoint? You make it seem that McAdams is some disinformation agent for the CIA. He is not. Althought I disagree with the majority of his conclusions, I believe he has done away with many false conspiracy arguments that have been around for far too long.

It is my hope that you are young and live an extremely long life.

There is a considerable shortage of personnel who demonstrate logic and the ability to recognized facts from the fictions and fairytales which one finds surrounding this subject.

The world needs you.

P.S. Although I personally agree with the majority of the "debunking" which John has achieved, I disagree with his strong representations of lack of conspiracy.

But then again, perhaps he is merely attempting to eliminate the chaff in order to get right down to the wheat?

Were it that more from this forum as well as JFK Lancer would take the time and effort to fully review much of what John McAdams has achieved, then this forum could get down to resolving the facts instead of rehashing the same old garbage and chasing the same smoke, tales, tails, and mythological beings.

Of course, to praise McAdams here is most assuredly like swimming against the current.

Live Long and Prosper! Society needs you!


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