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Strike "constructed," add "renovated".

How about you also strike "aborted," or would that bring the known facts too close for comfort?

In another thread, I was criticized for hurling an accusation at President Kennedy. There is only one accusation I will hurl. I think -- although it was again his brother's doing -- he treated Frank Sinatra horribly. Sinatra worked so hard to get Kennedy elected. Then Bobby decides Sinatra's linked with the Mob. Did he say this before the Convention? Of course not. Frank did cartwheels for Kennedy and Bobby deemed him no good. Frank had set up a helipad and some rooms for the President. In the windup, he cancels and goes to right wing Bing Crosby's house instead. He and Marilyn in the guest house of one of the worst fathers the world has known. He told his daughter Mary if she wasn't a virgin when she married, he would cut her out of his will and never speak to her again. What a creep. A secret alcoholic and a good Catholic. They seem to go hand in hand -- my opinion, of course. And, btw, 2 of his sons committed suicide. His left his fortune to his sons, when they reached the age of 65. Gary Crosby died at age 64.


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