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Jack Valenti Dead

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I guess you all have heard by now that Jack Valenti has passed on. Here's what Bush had to say about him:

"Jack Valenti was a great American and a great Texan. He bravely flew combat missions during World War II and ably served in the White House. From protecting families by creating the movie rating system to advocating for intellectual property rights, Jack Valenti helped transform the motion picture industry. He leaves a powerful legacy in Washington, in Hollywood, and across our Nation." - President George W. Bush. AP

Here's what Jack Valenti said about Lyndon Johnson on CNN: The Cold War:


"I have, in my lifetime, known just about every president, prime minister, president of other countries, congressmen and senators. [Johnson] was the single most formidable political character, political leader, that I have ever known. In him resided all the elements of a great leader, which is, first: conviction. A man without conviction is going to be right only by accident. Second, stamina: the ability to commit a full day; or, as Lord Wellington says, "to do the business of the day in the day." Third, an intuitive structure somewhere in his brain; he had some little elf that resided somewhere between his belly and his brain, who was able to say "No, Lyndon, not that way." Judgment, intuition, instinct, without which no great military or political captain will ever survive. And fourth, the ability to persuade those around him to his point of view, which (in his case) verged on sorcery. He was quite a guy."


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