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Josiah Thompson's 1-11-67 interview with Boswell

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Does anyone know if transcripts exist for Josiah Thompson's 1-11-67 interview with Dr. Boswell? Unbeknownst to them, CBS and former WCer John McCloy were arranging for Boswell to re-inspect the autopsy photos and x-rays on this very same day. 15 days later, Boswell signed an inspection report stating that the "mystery photo" showed a beveled exit near Kennedy's forehead. As discussed in Part 1 of my video series, prior to this report, both Humes and Finck had specifically denied there being such an exit. Now I look back through Six Seconds in Dallas and see that Boswell, on 1-11-67, also denied there was an exit on the intact skull. He told Thompson that they could only determine the large defect was an exit by beveling on the large fragment recovered by the SS. This suggests that all three doctors KNEW the supposed exit in the mystery photo was NOT near the forehead, and that therefore they'd deliberately misrepresented the mystery photo in their 1-26 Report, a report, BTW, written by the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT.

Anyhow, my email address for Tink is no good. Does anyone know if he has tapes and transcripts available for this interview? I'm anxious to read what else Boswell said on 1-1-67, only to contradict himself two weeks later while under the thumb of the "Justice" Department.

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