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ICT4LT - ICT for Language Teachers: The ICT4LT website is the outcome of a Socrates-funded project coordinated by Thames Valley University. It is currently the Web's largest single group of freely available training resources in ICT for language teachers. It consists of a total of 15 modules at three different levels in four different languages (English, Italian, Finnish and Swedish), plus an additional category for new modules. The website has proved extremely popular both with practising language teachers and with teachers undergoing initial teacher training in university departments of education. The site receives an average of 500-plus hits per day and has been used widely as a support for the delivery of face-to-face and online training courses in ICT for language teachers. The site has been accessed not only from EU countries but also from over 70 other countries throughout the world. The ICT4LT project has been presented at numerous conferences, including EUROCALL 2000 in Scotland and IALLT 2001 in Houston, Texas. The ICT4LT website is updated by Graham Davies (Visiting Professor, Thames Valley University) on a weekly basis and continues to expand.

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Trust me to forget the URL! It's http://www.ict4lt.org

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ICT and Modern Foreign Languages: Review of the ICT4LT website

A review of the ICT4LT website by Jean W. LeLoup & Robert Ponterio appears in the online journal, Language Learning & Technology 8, 1 (January 2004): 3-7


We thank the authors for their comprehensive and positive review.

The LLT is an excellent source of information about ICT and language learning - worth a close look!

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Dear Colleagues

At this time of each month I carry out an analysis of visits to the ICT4LT website. The results of the analysis are published on the homepage with an invitation to comment on them. This month I thought I would share the most interesting results (for May 2004) with you:

- The ICT4LT website received an average of 722 visits per day in 2004.

- Google (as usual) was the most popular search engine used to locate information at the site.

- CILT (Centre for Information on Language Teaching) was the only identifiable publicly funded UK website that referred visitors to the site.

- The most visited Module was No. 2.4, Using concordance programs in the MFL classroom.

- The second most visited module was No. 2.2, Introduction to multimedia CALL.

- The least visited module was No. 2.1, CALL methodology: integrating CALL into study programmes.

- The second least visited module was No. 3.3, Creating a World Wide Web site.

- The two most popular document downloads were: (i) a CALL software and website evaluation form (based on a form originally produced by CILT), (ii) A PowerPoint presentation on French pronouns.

- The ICT website was visited by people from 57 different countries in May, headed by the UK, Italy, Poland, Netherlands and Finland.

Comments, reactions welcomed!

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